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OOC: I've been trying to avoid writting this, because it's more than a little awkward. The thing is, these last few weeks, I've been doing more than just flirting with the idea of suicide. I ended up trying it. I know I should have at least told everyone that I wasn't going to post for a while, but I wasn't thinking very clearly at the time. But now I'm back. From outer space. And you just walked in to fin--oops. Yeah. Anyway, I'm back, and shall resume posting promptly. Apologies for my absence, y'all.

-Fuzzy Ian
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*hugs* It's s'ok. You're back now and that's all that matters.
I have been waiting for you and you already know my stand on that subject m'dear ;)

-snuggles the blue fuzzy elf-

Welcome back!!
Good to have you back again fellow Ian in Arms (or fuzz, not sure). Was getting all lonesome with out you.
Missed you a lot over here although I read your OOC journal. *hugs* And I posted another comment on your entry- explains my take on the previous one. *more hugs*