Monet St. Croix (perfectioninanm) wrote in next_phase,
Monet St. Croix

Blue Anger

After a rough training session with Logan Monet, percpiring from the training made her way over to her room to freshen up and get into a change of clothes. Opening the door to her masterpiece of a room Monet let out a chilling scream. Arrousing her neighbours they came out to check what was all wrong, only to break into giggling in snickers at the sight of Little Miss Perfect's room completely decked out in blue.

It didn't take a scientist, let alone just an everyday Joe Blow to figure out that it was the work of the blue villan Mystique- with no doubt a touch of her new blue friend and ally TJ. Storming into the ruins of her room Monet scanned her premises carefully. Everything- absolutly everything was a bright blue. Growling Monet tore through her drawers throwing out blue rag after blue rag.

"Where are my clothes!?!" she screamed. Then piviting quickly on her heal she headed off to find Mystique- and maybe even TJ too.

"Oh... they have so messed with the wrong bitch!"
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