Alex Summers (havokunleashed) wrote in next_phase,
Alex Summers

Waiting On A (Moon)Star ((Scott, Alex and Dani cont.))

The large plush bar was heavy in the presence of escapees from the terminal assault, each with their own fantastical story to tell or memories to drown within the depths of another brew. It was an upmarket style drinking establishment, with velvet seats and wooden laquered walls, designed to extract the rich travelers passing through and keep them there til the till was bulging with tourist money. Alex selected a seat beside the main window upon the first floor, a perfect viewing point for the taxi rank outside. Most of the bars front was glass, so vision was unobstructed to perfection. Jacket slipped from his shoulders and hung over the back of the chair, he settled down upon the comfort cushions. "Think this will do us". Leg stretched out tentatively, having faked his ability to walk without discomfort long enough to get to their seats. The last thing they needed was paramedics or security guards inquiring about what had happened to them. Grimmace masked his face with the motion, before settling once more.
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