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Waiting On A (Moon)Star ((Scott, Alex and Dani cont.))

The large plush bar was heavy in the presence of escapees from the terminal assault, each with their own fantastical story to tell or memories to drown within the depths of another brew. It was an upmarket style drinking establishment, with velvet seats and wooden laquered walls, designed to extract the rich travelers passing through and keep them there til the till was bulging with tourist money. Alex selected a seat beside the main window upon the first floor, a perfect viewing point for the taxi rank outside. Most of the bars front was glass, so vision was unobstructed to perfection. Jacket slipped from his shoulders and hung over the back of the chair, he settled down upon the comfort cushions. "Think this will do us". Leg stretched out tentatively, having faked his ability to walk without discomfort long enough to get to their seats. The last thing they needed was paramedics or security guards inquiring about what had happened to them. Grimmace masked his face with the motion, before settling once more.
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Slightly most hestistant on taking to his own seating, Scott gave the joint a quick glance as thought seeking any other hidden surprises--which he asssured himself he did not need today. Once satisfied at the near peaceful aura that wavered through the air and certain it couldn't do any damage in trying to relax just a notch he slid down to his own chair across from Alex. His jacket remained buttoned although he had no intentions of any sudden exit, it seemed of little importance to shed it.

Eyes lifted to Alex, trying to find a starter for the point he meant to make. It was slightly unsettling to hear anything such thing that his younger brother knew about the bar, when he himself has just made the cut on age. For now the idea of a lecture dropped incase of any misunderstandings, it would do no good to jump on Alex with only an assumption. Also the fact that a waitress had just taken to service their table saved any arguements from beginning just yet. She lowered her herself to lean upon the table and make better contact with her two customers, sporting a cheerful smile, warm with friendliness sought after in her line of work. "Hi! I'm Wendy and I'll be your waitress today." A slender hand flipped out a small pad and pen, pausing to give each a clear shot of her smile. "Can I start you two off with anything to drink?" She relaxed her hand on the pad, attentively listening for their orders and fixing her grip on the pen. Scott gave a slight nod toward Alex to go first.
Alex's attention was currently upon the scene occuring outside the window, where ambulances and police vehicles were congregating along with the usual infestation of news trucks. He was more intrigued as to how they were going to remove the Blob from his current lodging. He didnt even give Wendy much of a glance, or a second thought as he just ordered "I'll just take a bottle of Bud, thanks. Actually make it two, before he orders himself an orange juice instead." Alex settled back into his chair, avoiding Scotts glance as he smiled politely up at the waitress. "And can I bother you for a glass of ice and if you have it a cloth? Not sure what happened in the terminal, but I fell and twisted my ankle as we were trying to escape, and the damned thing seems to be swelling like no ones business now".
It seemed logical enough to Wendy that Alex had only been a bystander, she gave a short nod and ducked off to the back areas of the bar. Scott's gaze had rested on Alex, waiting for the dodgy glances at everything but himself to cease. He second thought that, not wanting to waste any time. Arms folded and fingers rapped along the cuffs of his jacket. "You're not 21, Alex. Unless I've got my dates horribly wrong. Care to offer any enlightening ideas as to what you think you're doing?"
He was expecting it that was for sure, but he couldnt exactly just hide who and what he was anymore. It just wasnt his thing. It had become a true 'This is Alex, I dont want to be here, but if I have to be, you can accept me for who and what I am' corner stone for his life returning to the mansion after so long away. His attention didnt flow to Scott, keeping instead to returning to the scene outside. He could still see his brothers reflection in the glass window, scolding the back of his head, knowing that look would still be upon him.

"Answers simple. Trying to enjoy life before I end up dead". Shoulders shrugged as he settled into his chair, raising his hand to stroke his lips thoughtfully before continuing. "I cant control whats in me. It burns me Scott. Its torn me from any kind of normal life for fear of it killing someone. I cant just close my eyes or wear shades, its there always, filling me to the brim til I'm about to explode, even with all the suits people make to protect me. Its why Lorna and I left the first time, to be alone, away from anywhere I could harm someone, to just try and live a normal life. 'Course, now she's gone too".

Head turned as the waitress returned with a smile and the two bottles of chilled beverages, complete with empty glasses upon a tray. Alex returned the smile with a thanks, covering the face of perturbed depressive gloom in an expert manner from well practiced arts. Hand reached from his bottle and glass, bringing them before him as he began to pour out the fluids, looking at the drink. "Its all simple Scott. Kids have the rest of their lives to look forwards to. Us? We live in a world where our life is constantly in danger. I want to live before I die, and with us, death could be anytime, anyplace and far sooner than most people."
Scott's eyes rested upon the beer flowing from the bottle, wondering whether it would be too much to flip the table and ruin the chance for his brother to poison himself. "I don't care for the sob stories, kid, anyone can die at anytime. Helping yourself die never struck me as any form of relief. I trusted you might be old enough, or atleast smart enough to figure our the rights and wrongs, but you've proven me wrong once again, Alex. What is going to take for you to straighten yourself out?" He leaned back in his chair, eyes closing slightly as they caught a stray light beam that escaped through the windows.

It seemed a lost battle already with Alex's headstrong personality and incorrigable mindset. He groped for his own glass and beer and numbly pour the contents from one to the other. "We've both had rough pasts, I won't quarrel with you over this anymore. Do what you will." Glass swung around and lifted to his lips, allowing the thick liquid to trickle down his throat with a refreshing feel despite the posions within it.
"And just what are the rights and wrongs Scott? Is it right we give up our lives for others, and then watch them do nothing for us? Is it right our lives suddenly seem to revolve around anyone but us? Is it right, that our parents, whoever the Hell they were, gave us a life only to see us in a bond of invisable slavery?" His hand clutched about his glass as he raised it to his lips, taking a swig. He released a long sigh that seemed to visably ease his mannerisms, leaving him to relax back within his chair. "With great power comes great responsability. The same old story. But yanno, we are no different to afro americans during the slave trade. You were born black and thus expected to work for the white man. Only difference is, we were born mutants and are now expected to save everyones scrawny hides at the cost of our own life. You telling me thats right? I know it wont get through the Arcangel Gabriel demeanor you exagerate to hide behind, but you got to at least admit that its a shackle all of its own. And whats wrong with hearing a sob story. Is it just because I have a power that you dont want to listen to it, whilst if a normal person had a weepy tale to tell, you'd happily sit down and listen and do your best to help them. So tell me Scott, what is right and wrong? Forced to do as your told and give up your life for an unappreciative populace whilst discriminating between those in need and those not via their ability to wield powers? Is that right? Or is it right that I should want to try and have some sort of life in between the moments my powers demand that I jump in the firing line to protect an innocent, because trust me, theres more chance of getting struck by a proverbial bullet in war than there is sitting in an office doing a desk job". He had had his say now, now just merely lowering his head and shaking it in dismay before taking another swig from the alcohol. His brother had such a set way of looking at things, so very black and white, that it almost sickerned Alex. To Scott there just werent any greys, it was just all clear cut. And when something came along that wasnt so clear cut, Scott would find issues with it, or make up a new perspective where it fell into one of the two categories again.
Eyes focused in upon the glass that rested in the palm of his hand, delicately roaming over the details Alex had provided. He froze a single moment before lifting his shades to gaze directly at his brother. "Alex," he began, with a tone that signified a great something to come--not in the length of the words, but the volume each held, "Don't. Simply don't."

The glass was placed back into its place, allowing Scott to concentrate his mind on the matter at hand. "If it ails you so much to carry on with this life--as an X-Man--whether it be right or not, then perhaps it's not the life you're suited for." Inwardly, his heart was tied into a knot, he'd thought maybe he was reaching Alex that day on the basketball court. Still the younger Summers drifted from his grips, the tirade just in display helping neither side. "I'm not here to serve mankind and fix his mistakes, don't assume so quickly that I'm the servant. I do this of my own will, I do it because I think it's right--and that's enough for me. If you're so shallow to believe the Professor's dream has trapped us all into being slaves, then maybe you need to reconsider your path."

By now he'd said all he had on mind, and lifted the glass once more for another swig. "No one forced you into this, Alex, you're doing it for a reason. Maybe you just need to figure out why."
"But do you do what is right because you feel it is? Tell me, if the Professor who's dream you've come to believe so whole heartedly asked you to do something that was obviously wrong, what would you do? Do you do what the Professor has asked you because you trust his dream to be true, or do you go against his dream and do something else because you didnt feel it was right? And if you did something else, does that mean his dream is no longer the truth, and that you've been living a lie all that time?" His fingers rapped against the chilled glass of the cylindrical container. He was becomming more intrigued by this conversation, although he had to admit his brother was right about a few things.

Body luched forwards til elbows rested upon the table between them, gathered hunched over his drink. His eyes roamed the murky liquid looking for answers that would never be found at its bottom. "Been reconsidering my path for a long time, Scotty. Was studying bio physics and computers since I was a kid. Been wondering about what path I would of taken if it hadnt of been for the manifestation of a surge of plasma burning its way in me all the time". There was a hint of sadness in his voice, shoulders were sagged to a remorseful sag as he swirled the glass, peering into the whirlpool formed by his actions. "God knows, I tried. Get away from civilisation, just Lorna and myself, away from Charles' dream, away from constantly puting out lives on the line just because we were born different. But it fell apart. She's gone, and my powers became more unstable. Dont aks me why Im back, I've yet to figure it out myself. And dont say its because its the right thing to do, because that yet to be proven".
The questions Alex posed sparked several chords in Scott's mind, but he still held strong in his beliefs. Swaying his side would only prove himself an unsure leader, something that people can't rely on when the going gets rough--and that was a given with the X-Men. "I trust the Professor, Alex. I have no grudges to hold against his philosophy--maybe I am doing the wrong thing, but for all it's worth we're the ones out there making a difference. I'd rather be changing things than standing still and allowing others to shape the world for the future. There's nothing hidden, I strive to do the right thing, same as Jean and the others. That's all I need to know. That's all I need to do."

He shifted his focus upon Alex, tapping the rim of his mug with a thoughtful rhythm. "You came to the school seeking help, don't argue that one--that's we're all there, if not for our gifts, then for other reasons. Maybe getting assistance isn't the complete story, but it's sure a major part." A brief intermission granted Scott another sip from his beverage, and perhaps some more time to consider the finer points of the conversation. "Try to think about all those people Magneto ever came to harm, now. They seek help and we answered. It's just that easy. They got thrown a curve ball, they swung, they missed, and when they reached out for a hand--that was the X-Men that gave one."

Eyes averted toward the window, to check the crowds below incase Danny happened to be meandering in a lost haze. "When I needed a hand, Xavier was there to lend it. He's a good man, you can just tell those things about some people."
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Dani dragged her suitcase along behind her as she made her way through the growing mass of people. How many times had she come past this point? She lost count. It had been several hours since her flight came in, including a failed hour trying to get a cab to stop for her, now she was wandering in hopes of finding a friendly face. Maybe her message never arrived at the school. Sighing and making a mental note to send future messages over the phone, she continued on through the crowd.