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Pay Back Is a Blue Bitch

After carefully plotting out against Monet with TJ, it was time to put things into action. Having borrowed paint from Piotr, taken extra sheets and dyed them blue, found a few smurfs dolls, and a few blue scrufs, and stuffing it all in a duffle bag, Mystique was ready to go.

Monet was in a training session with Logan. Mystique had made sure there was no chance that she'd be caught. It wouldn't pay to be half way done and have to jump out the window just because the bratty princeness was on her way back. Slicking down the halls, Mystique kept her eyes peeled for anyone that might try and stop her, namely Scott. Getting to the door with no trouble, picking the lock from there was not a problem. Pushing the door open, Mystique smiled as she looked about. This was going to be fun.

First the bed was stripped. The expensive looking bed clothes that where on it where thrown out the window to be forgotten as Mystique fitted it with it's new blue look. With the bed made, Smurf dolls were placed on it. Next was all the lights bulbs in the room which were painted blue so that the room now had a blue glow to it. The bulbs were followed the walls which got covered in blue streaks so that they were now more blue than white. It was a shame that she didn't have time to paint the whole walls but it would have to do. Empting out the dresser drawers, Mystique shoved all the clothing in the duffle bag then proceeded to shove the bag under the bed. The scrufs that had been brought with her replace the clothings place in the drawers.

Once done, she took a step back and took in the blueness of it all. The room screamed it. Something was missing though and Mystique realized what. The curtains that were up were not blue. Tearing them down they were replaced with blue sheet that added to the blueness of the room. Satisfied with the looks of things, the blue shapeshifter slipped out, pulling the locked door shut behind her like she was never there, and left. Now it was TJ's job to do the second part of the plan.
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