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Things have been moving way to slow lately. I know some of us have problems but we're slowing down even more and it's making it hard for some to get an entries down and it's making it hard for us to move the plot along. If in a few more days nothing happens Meg and I shall be moving the plot along with out you.

Members we know are still around: anillumination, aviationtriad, blackivory, frigidtouch, havokunleashed, howlingrage, killingfrost, lasthanddealt, mightymorph, moltenangel, perfectioninanm, phoenixtears, rubyshades, shiftymystique, steeltitan, untouchablelove.

People we need to hear from are: jimaine_szardos, moonstardani, nocturne_hex, smellofsulphur, stormgoddess, xtremethefallen. I know Paul is having computer trouble but I want to make sure you are alive.

Also Havok and Storm need to make journal entries.

mirroredbeing and shadowkatherine are up for adoption.

Oh and Gill, please post sometime soon on the M thread. It's just hanging there.
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