Monet St. Croix (perfectioninanm) wrote in next_phase,
Monet St. Croix

Miss. Perfect Arrives

The sleek black stretch limo pulled up infront of the large grey mansion better known as Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. The young girl within the interior peered out the window with a well shaped arched eyebrow- the look of a rich girl not so impressed. As the door open she stepped out slowly pulling her designer sun glasses over her eyes.

After her kidnapping Xavier had opened an invitation to her and the other girls who had been rescued by a team of X-Men. Looking at the mansion it was what she had expected... something more homey than she was use to growing up with. The grey exterior didn't much appeal to her either. Making her way to the front doors she brushed back her hair and flattened out her short bluejean dress. As the chauffeur came up behind her with hands full of her luggage she pressed the doorbell and waited attentively for someone to answer.
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