Anonymous (phase_chameleon) wrote in next_phase,

The Game is On

The metal doors of the war room parted, admitting entrance to the single figure of Charles Xavier. Before him the proof had been laid out as tangible evidence, which perhaps was the last straw as there now seemed a posed threat on his students. Placing slender digits to his temples he closed his eyes to concentrate on a beckon to those X-Men whose conditions would hold up to good purpose. Through the mansion his mental command rang with stunning strength, "To me, my X-Men!" The next course of action would have to be decided from those present. His hands clasped and drew up to his mouth as he leaned forward and waited for the arrivals.

This sets in motion the beginning of the conclusion to the current storyline. If you don't post, we won't wait for you--so try to keep up from here on.
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