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The Next Phase: An X-Men Roleplay

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The Next Phase: An X-Men Roleplay

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The Burn of Hellfire [September 9th, 2003 @ 2:20PM]

Twenty minutes after the meeting in the war room, the X-Men that were going on the mission to the Hellfire climb meet in the hanger and boarded the Black Bird. Twenty three minutes after the meeting they were on their way. No time was wasted on getting go. As the jet flew over the city the ones that were going along but had not been there were filled in on the goings on.

The Hellfire club would be ready and waiting for them. This much they knew. Readiness was the key for when they landed.

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::sigh:: [September 7th, 2003 @ 1:46PM]

[ mood | sad ]

OOC: I've been trying to avoid writting this, because it's more than a little awkward. The thing is, these last few weeks, I've been doing more than just flirting with the idea of suicide. I ended up trying it. I know I should have at least told everyone that I wasn't going to post for a while, but I wasn't thinking very clearly at the time. But now I'm back. From outer space. And you just walked in to fin--oops. Yeah. Anyway, I'm back, and shall resume posting promptly. Apologies for my absence, y'all.

-Fuzzy Ian

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Blue Anger [September 5th, 2003 @ 9:13AM]

After a rough training session with Logan Monet, percpiring from the training made her way over to her room to freshen up and get into a change of clothes. Opening the door to her masterpiece of a room Monet let out a chilling scream. Arrousing her neighbours they came out to check what was all wrong, only to break into giggling in snickers at the sight of Little Miss Perfect's room completely decked out in blue.

It didn't take a scientist, let alone just an everyday Joe Blow to figure out that it was the work of the blue villan Mystique- with no doubt a touch of her new blue friend and ally TJ. Storming into the ruins of her room Monet scanned her premises carefully. Everything- absolutly everything was a bright blue. Growling Monet tore through her drawers throwing out blue rag after blue rag.

"Where are my clothes!?!" she screamed. Then piviting quickly on her heal she headed off to find Mystique- and maybe even TJ too.

"Oh... they have so messed with the wrong bitch!"

Waiting On A (Moon)Star ((Scott, Alex and Dani cont.)) [September 2nd, 2003 @ 12:54AM]

The large plush bar was heavy in the presence of escapees from the terminal assault, each with their own fantastical story to tell or memories to drown within the depths of another brew. It was an upmarket style drinking establishment, with velvet seats and wooden laquered walls, designed to extract the rich travelers passing through and keep them there til the till was bulging with tourist money. Alex selected a seat beside the main window upon the first floor, a perfect viewing point for the taxi rank outside. Most of the bars front was glass, so vision was unobstructed to perfection. Jacket slipped from his shoulders and hung over the back of the chair, he settled down upon the comfort cushions. "Think this will do us". Leg stretched out tentatively, having faked his ability to walk without discomfort long enough to get to their seats. The last thing they needed was paramedics or security guards inquiring about what had happened to them. Grimmace masked his face with the motion, before settling once more.
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The Game is On [September 1st, 2003 @ 4:41PM]
The metal doors of the war room parted, admitting entrance to the single figure of Charles Xavier. Before him the proof had been laid out as tangible evidence, which perhaps was the last straw as there now seemed a posed threat on his students. Placing slender digits to his temples he closed his eyes to concentrate on a beckon to those X-Men whose conditions would hold up to good purpose. Through the mansion his mental command rang with stunning strength, "To me, my X-Men!" The next course of action would have to be decided from those present. His hands clasped and drew up to his mouth as he leaned forward and waited for the arrivals.

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Pay Back Is a Blue Bitch [August 31st, 2003 @ 9:20PM]

[ mood | satisfied ]

After carefully plotting out against Monet with TJ, it was time to put things into action. Having borrowed paint from Piotr, taken extra sheets and dyed them blue, found a few smurfs dolls, and a few blue scrufs, and stuffing it all in a duffle bag, Mystique was ready to go.

Monet was in a training session with Logan. Mystique had made sure there was no chance that she'd be caught. It wouldn't pay to be half way done and have to jump out the window just because the bratty princeness was on her way back. Slicking down the halls, Mystique kept her eyes peeled for anyone that might try and stop her, namely Scott. Getting to the door with no trouble, picking the lock from there was not a problem. Pushing the door open, Mystique smiled as she looked about. This was going to be fun.

First the bed was stripped. The expensive looking bed clothes that where on it where thrown out the window to be forgotten as Mystique fitted it with it's new blue look. With the bed made, Smurf dolls were placed on it. Next was all the lights bulbs in the room which were painted blue so that the room now had a blue glow to it. The bulbs were followed the walls which got covered in blue streaks so that they were now more blue than white. It was a shame that she didn't have time to paint the whole walls but it would have to do. Empting out the dresser drawers, Mystique shoved all the clothing in the duffle bag then proceeded to shove the bag under the bed. The scrufs that had been brought with her replace the clothings place in the drawers.

Once done, she took a step back and took in the blueness of it all. The room screamed it. Something was missing though and Mystique realized what. The curtains that were up were not blue. Tearing them down they were replaced with blue sheet that added to the blueness of the room. Satisfied with the looks of things, the blue shapeshifter slipped out, pulling the locked door shut behind her like she was never there, and left. Now it was TJ's job to do the second part of the plan.

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Class Notification [August 30th, 2003 @ 1:46PM]

OK kiddywinks, time to rise and shine. Combat training will be starting up starting tomorrow morning so get yerselves a good nights sleep tonight. Check your schedules for classes, cos trust me, you dont this canuckle head turning up in your room to wake ya up personally if ya dont attend without some damned good excuse.

Thats all, enjoy your day.
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[August 27th, 2003 @ 3:15PM]

[ mood | annoyed ]

Things have been moving way to slow lately. I know some of us have problems but we're slowing down even more and it's making it hard for some to get an entries down and it's making it hard for us to move the plot along. If in a few more days nothing happens Meg and I shall be moving the plot along with out you.

Members we know are still around: anillumination, aviationtriad, blackivory, frigidtouch, havokunleashed, howlingrage, killingfrost, lasthanddealt, mightymorph, moltenangel, perfectioninanm, phoenixtears, rubyshades, shiftymystique, steeltitan, untouchablelove.

People we need to hear from are: jimaine_szardos, moonstardani, nocturne_hex, smellofsulphur, stormgoddess, xtremethefallen. I know Paul is having computer trouble but I want to make sure you are alive.

Also Havok and Storm need to make journal entries.

mirroredbeing and shadowkatherine are up for adoption.

Oh and Gill, please post sometime soon on the M thread. It's just hanging there.

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A Word from the Villian [August 22nd, 2003 @ 3:24PM]

It was time to put things in motion. Time to lore the X-Men to their doom. He knew they are looking for Emma's body. The silly children just seemed to be taking forever with finding it. It was time to let them know where to look. If he waited on them to do it they might never get there.

On the door of the Institute there was a tore cloth that had the Hellfire symbol on it.

The day that Xavier would pay was soon at hand.
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Miss. Perfect Arrives [August 21st, 2003 @ 9:41PM]

The sleek black stretch limo pulled up infront of the large grey mansion better known as Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. The young girl within the interior peered out the window with a well shaped arched eyebrow- the look of a rich girl not so impressed. As the door open she stepped out slowly pulling her designer sun glasses over her eyes.

After her kidnapping Xavier had opened an invitation to her and the other girls who had been rescued by a team of X-Men. Looking at the mansion it was what she had expected... something more homey than she was use to growing up with. The grey exterior didn't much appeal to her either. Making her way to the front doors she brushed back her hair and flattened out her short bluejean dress. As the chauffeur came up behind her with hands full of her luggage she pressed the doorbell and waited attentively for someone to answer.
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